Keep The Ball In Play

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Keep The Ball In Play
Think of losing weight and getting shape like a game

Other than maintaining a calorie deficit, eating adequate portions of protein, loads of veggies and water, there's very few hard and fast rules; it's played over a long period of time, weeks, months, years; and the goal posts keep shifting... 

It's like an infinite game

An infinite game doesn't really have rules, or boundaries; the rules can constantly change and it exists solely to keep the game going. Your role in the game is pretty much just to keep the ball in play so to speak and keep the game going. 

As soon as you treat it like a finite game, you lose

A finite game has clear rules, set boundaries, an end point and has defined winners and losers (like a game of football or rugby). If you treat your nutrition, exercise, health, energy levels and body shape as a finite game, then you lose

As harsh as that sounds, if you have a set weight, or size that you're aiming for; you work hard in the gym, nail your diet, then get back in your favourite pair of jeans, or feel great without your shirt on and think you've won... I pretty much guarantee that within months, you'll be back to the start again

The goal posts shift and it's up to you to keep the ball in play

The longer you keep the ball in play, the more successful you will be in losing weight, getting in shape, improving your health, energy levels and then MAINTAINING it!

The game doesn't finish when you hit your 'goal weight', fit in your favourite pair of jeans again, or look good without your shirt on the beach.  The goal posts shift and it's then about keeping the ball in play to make sure you don't slip back again. 

This is why goals are important

Having clear targets to work towards, beyond just weight or aesthetic goals, will help you to stay motivated and keep the ball in play:

Running a 10k?

Doing a chin up (or 10!?)?

Completing a triathlon,

Getting back playing 5-a-side again? 

Whatever it is, it can help you to maintain the good habits you've started to build, avoid stagnating and slipping backwards

Need help setting some goals?

Drop me an email and grab a free 30 minute Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategy Session; we can look at what you need to achieve, get it clear as to why that's so important for you and what steps need to be put in place for you to be successful,

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