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You Don't Need New Goals

By Andrew Rimmer |

Just having goals is useless, 

Might sound a bit strange for me to say this considering goal setting is one of the first things I do with clients,

But everyone knows their goals to some degree, 

I've never had someone come to me and not know what they want to achieve, 

"I want to lose weight,"

"I want to get back in my 34" waist jeans again,"

"I want to look like a go in the gym and let weights"

"I want to be able to run around with my kids without panting like a dog after 2 minutes,"

There might be some stuff to work on with specifics and making them measurable, 

But generally, everyone knows what they want to achieve,

Yet none of these people are where they want to be,

Because it's consistent behaviours that get you to where you want to be,

Knowing your goals isn't good enough, 

Yeah you need to have a target to aim for to motivate you and to measure progress against, 

But it's the behaviours that you display on a daily and weekly basis that actually move you towards, or away from those goals, 

Are you training in the gym consistently each week?

Are you planning and prepping nutrient dense, calorie balanced meals?

Are you hitting your step target each day?

Are you drinking plenty of water?

Are you eating an adequate amount of protein? 


Are you grabbing meal deals on the go most days?

Are you finding 'reasons' to skip the gym?

Are you hitting the take aways at the weekend? 

Cracking open a bottle of vino every evening?

If you look at the things you do consistently, it'll highlight why your health and fitness is what it is...

So start setting yourself some behaviour goals, 

Set yourself between 3 and 5 little goals like these that you need to do each day, or each week:

Hit the gym 3x per week,

Prep lunch to take to work each day,

Hit 10,000 steps per day,

Keep a food diary,

Take 10 minutes to stretch each day,

Go for a run once a week, 

Then put them into your diary to do each day/week and track how often you're successful with them,

The more conscious you can make these and the more repetitive you are with them, the quicker you'll form them into habits and the faster you'll reach your goals,

This is what I do with clients,

I help them identify the behaviours they need to be more consistent with, 

Then come up with strategies to help them be more consistent with these, 

It's why I have a habit tracker in each client's personal account on my website, where we list their behaviour goals and they tick off each time they carry them out, 

We can then track their success rate and build on positive success, 

Or simplify the habits to help improve consistency and get them heading in the right direction, 

It drives me mental seeing people constantly falling on and off the wagon, 

Especially when their doing things they don't need to do and could make life a whole lot easier on themselves, 

Allow me to make your life simpler (and healthier) for you,

All you need to do is click here, or hit the button below, fill in the form and we can spend 30 minutes on a FREE Nutrition and Training Strategy Call and start to look at what behaviours we need to put in place to help you be more consistent 

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