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Andrew Rimmer BSc The man with YOUR plan

Andrew is a personal trainer, lifestyle and nutrition coach, working with Pro-Fit personal training, based in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Since achieving a degree in Sport with exercise and coaching science, he has- been coaching clients on how to make changes to their nutrition and lifestyle, along with their training in the gym to achieve some awesome transformations.

Andrew has now developed the Lean Lifestyle Plan to help you to be able to do

the same; by educating you on why good nutrition is so important, empowering you to make better nutritional choices and how to fit healthy, enjoyable meals and snacks into your daily life. He can also show you how to be more effective in your fat loss efforts in the gym, which when combined with the right nutrition will lead to a new leaner you.

At 55 years old after 35 years in the corporate world, I was 2 stones overweight, stressed, had irregular sleep patterns, and lacked energy.

I contacted Andy ‘Coach’ Rimmer from Pro-Fit Personal Training for advice, but remained cynical. Andy devised a bespoke eating plan linked to a one to one training regime. I trained with Andy two days a week and by myself three times. I was amazed by the results.

Within twelve weeks my weight had dropped by over 24lbs my body fat was down by 10%, I was getting a good 7 hours sleep every night, my stress levels reduced, and my energy levels massively increased! This is an extremely effective training and nutrition program and demonstrates that ‘age is just a number!’

A photograph of Nigel before starting training with Coach Rimmer
A photograph of Nigel before starting training with Coach Rimmer

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