Healthy KFC Style Wraps

I'm pretty excited about this one!

These healthy KFC style chicken wraps taste amazing and only a fraction of the calorie content (and probably higher in protein and nutrients) than the Colonel's original recipe ones

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A Word On Sugar Addiction

While out with friends at the weekend, I was asked my opinion on sugar. 

"So what are your thoughts on Sugar? Should we ban it?"

"No, I don't actually have a problem with it" I replied,

"Ok refined sugar, that's the bad stuff sin't it?"

"Well kind of, but again, I don't think sugar itself is the problem, it's the amount of it we eat" I said

"Yeah but we eat loads of it because we get addicted to it don't we..."

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Quit Quitting!

So you're following your diet. You're fighting hard to stick to it, resisting the temptations of the biscuits doing the rounds in the office, stopping yourself pinching a few chips off the kids plates at dinner time, and avoiding meeting up with your friends so you're not pressured into having a few drinks. Everything is going well for a while, but eventually it becomes too much. 'Willpower' starts to give out and you give in. Suddenly half a box of chocolates has disappeared!?

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5 More Nutrition Myths You Need To Ignore

After receiving a load of questions after the last nutrition myths post I sent out, here's 5 more myths to ignore and make sure you don't fall foul of:

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5 Tips To Help You Get In Shape When You Don't Have Time

Time is our most precious commodity. We all face so many demands on it though: work throws meetings, targets and deadlines at us; the kids need organising, taxiing to friends houses or to sports clubs; friends want us to meet up and go for a few drinks; then there’s the time we want to spend some time on ourself, putting our feet up, chilling out catching up on some tv or whatever book we’ve been reading. Sound familiar?

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