Online Coaching

This is essentially everything you would get from face-to-face PT: individual training plans, specific nutrition actions and habits to work on, recipes, menu plans, accountability and support. However, there isn’t the time constraint of regular face-to-face PT, where you have to fit your diary with your trainer’s diary, you have the freedom to go to the gym at your own convenience. You still have the session plans to follow and a library of exercise videos to talk you through technique.

What you will receive

  • Individual, specific training plans for the gym or at home
  • Tailored nutrition plans
  • Recipes and menu plans to help you make your diet sustainable, varied and full of taste
  • Weekly individual contact to build sustainable habits
  • Monthly online progress and coaching sessions
  • Video library of exercises, foam rolling techniques and stretches
  • Individual profile with your own tracking tools for measures, pictures, food diary and habits
Emma Lost over 25cm and 15lbs in 12 weeks

“Signing up with Andy is the best decision I’ve ever made...I’m in my best shape since my late teens”

Lost over 25cm and 15lbs in 12 weeks