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Do you want to get in great shape and build the habits to sustain it?

Online Coaching

This is everything you would get from face-to-face PT, but without the the time constraint of regular face-to-face PT, where you have to fit your diary with your trainer’s diary, you have the freedom to go to the gym at your own convenience.

You will have an initial online coaching session, in which we will put in place your individual nutrition actions, training plans and set out what you need to do on a daily and weekly basis to achieve great results. 

All your plans will then be loaded into your own account on the website, where you can follow the plans in the gym, access recipes and meals ideas to help you keep your diet interesting and varied, rather than eating plain chicken and broccoli all the time. 

There are videos to help you feel confident you’re using the correct technique in the gym. 

Plus we will have weekly email check-ins via the messaging system within your account. This allows us to make sure you’re building solid habits, identify any obstacles and put strategies in place to overcome these and keep you making progress.

What you will receive

  • Individual training plans which are all supported by videos to ensure you are using the correct technique, 
  • Specific nutrition actions and habits to help you build your own diet, that fits in with your lifestyle,
  • Recipes and sample menu plans so that you’re not eating boring meals all the time,
  • Weekly check-ins to hold you accountable doing what you need to do,
  • Monthly online coaching sessions to review your progress and any necessary make adjustments to your plan
  • On-going support through a diverse library of video content and personal contact with Andy

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“Signing up with Andy is the best decision I’ve ever made...I’m in my best shape since my late teens” Emma Lost over 25cm and 15lbs in 12 weeks

How it works

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    Login in to your profile and complete your questionnaires.

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    Online Session

    Initial session with Andrew to map out your plans and goals.

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    Road to success

    You are now all set to acheiveyour goals with Andrew’son-going support.

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